LDaily – is a platform for CEOs, CFOs and company owners 

who are aware of the need for large-scale changes in Ukraine 

and are ready to introduce them.

Advantages of placing your advertising materials in our magazine

This is a great opportunity to remind readers about your business

Your customers will see that the product you are selling belongs to the luxury class

Unique target audience. Your ad will get exactly to the audience you want

Advertising in our magazine is targeting at active owners of premium products

Our exclusive magazine helps us create the necessary image for a business

LDaily gives an opportunity to convey ideas, missions and fundamental brand features to the VIP audience


LDaily magazine conducts its own events and takes part in activities which help to expand and preserve relationships, as well as develop a common position on discussion issues (thematic conferences, cultural and creative events, receptions). Here are the latest events:
– A general meeting of the European Business Association;
– Boryspil International Airport
– The first ball of the German economy; 
– A closed reception and presenting Ivgen Petrov’s project “Keep it up!”
– Events of UNIT.City;
– Open Mind Conference;
– A general meeting of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


LDaily quarterly informs readers about the experience of international companies in Ukraine, about developing business and minimizing risks in the country, as well as new opportunities for Ukrainian companies in the European market.

  • 10-12 exclusive interviews with top managers of large international and Ukrainian companies, ambassadors, heads of business associations in each issue.
  • Each issue has a topic. Here are three latest ones: ‘Swiss companies in Ukraine’, ‘German companies in Ukraine’, ‘Activities of the European Business Association’.
  • Each issue includes the experience of large international companies in Ukraine, analytics, infographics, and recommendations on risk management, innovations and solutions for the development of Ukrainian companies in the European market.

*Annual subscription – 1 200 UAH

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